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Associate Project Cost Manager

Job Title: Associate Project Cost Manager
Job Location: La Grange, IL, USA
Employment Type: Full-Time, Permanent Position
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Job Description: The position of Associate Project Cost Manager at Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corp involves specialized work in collecting, communicating, and recording the cost data for electrical construction projects. Working in conjunction with the Senior Project Manager, Project Managers, and Project Billing Personnel, the Associate Project Cost Manager maintains budgetary record of costs associated with labor, materials, logistics, and overhead for each project. Working in conjunction with the Preconstruction Department, the Associate Project Cost Manager will assist in forecasting costs for projects.

Associate Project Cost Manager is responsible for the cost tracking management of all projects. Through use of company templates, software, interaction with Project Management Department and personnel, Office Manager, and Preconstruction Department, and review of project data – the Associate Project Cost Manager generates and analyzes reports and presents them to COO.

Strong predictors of success for an Associate Project Cost Manager would be to record and report project costs confidently and accurately on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, have direct and confident interaction with project management personnel, executive management, and preconstruction personnel, excellent personal skills with clients and fellow employees all while working within the team environment.

An Associate Project Cost Manager’s ability to accurately record, analyze, and report project cost data, as well as projects direct budgets has a direct impact on the profitability of Dubak Electrical Maintenance Corp. The Associate Project Cost Manager is required to report directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

  • Strong understanding of corporate and industry practices, processes and standards and their impact on project activities.
  • Working knowledge of industrial construction, finance, and project cost tracking management.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply innovative and effective management techniques to maximize performance.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; good computer skills including MS Project, Word and Excel.
  • Good technical writing skills are required specifically noting project cost reports and explanatory documentation for recorded budgets.
  • Experience in complete Industrial Electrical Job Costing and Tracking.
  • Ability to coordinate tracking finances for multiple projects, utilizing data from multiple resources.
  • Ability to utilize project proposals, estimates, reports, and contracts as a management tool.
  • i) Ability to learn, and desire to learn and participate in continuing education through intercompany training, seminar, and select university resource training as directed, provided, and requested by the company, at the company’s expense.
  • Ability to lead and perform meaningful value engineering analysis with project managers and executive managers.
  • Self-starter/self leadership to complete tasks within time constraints (time management)
  • Ability to work well under pressure.

Employment Benefits:
Highly Competative Compensation, Medical Insurance Dental Insurance Vision Insurance 401K Life Insurance

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