Dubak Electrical provides state of the art process automation and motion control solutions designed to increase productivity of our customers that operate in today's highly competitive business environment. Our diverse background base and years of experience at Dubak Electrical has been achieved by providing process automation solutions to several high profile customers in the food service, oil processing, manufacturing, packaging, water, automotive, municipalities, railroads and electrical industry.

Dubak Electric Integration and Process Control

Dubak Electric Integration and Process Control works with the leading PLC and SCADA hardware and software applications such as Siemens, Toshiba, Allen Bradley, Modicon and more. These technologies are implemented in the integration process based on your existing PLC and SCADA technology being used and your specific process control needs.

Our Integration Capabilities Include:

  • Design Solutions
  • Plant Automation & Upgrading
  • Plant Maintenance & Repair
  • Streamline of Control Systems
  • Interfaces to YOUR System
  • Process Control Integration Solutions
  • Automation Integration Solutions
  • Total Systems Integration
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Let Dubak Join you at Your Project Planning Table

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