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Labor Resources

Clients often inquire as to Dubak Electrical Group’s ability to attract and maintain such a skilled electrical & instrumentation workforce while working in so many regions throughout the country. Dubak Electrical has developed a plan and strategy which employs the highest of pre-qualifying skill-set standards in the electrical industry. Dubak Electrical maintains a robust and strong core of national field management, supervision, and journeymen on a routine and fulltime vested status.

Our recruitment efforts for staffing larger scale projects or maintenance initiatives begin at the local level. All of our projects begin with a pre-job analysis, addressing labor resource requirements in detail. Our resources may originate through our direct hire, seasonal hire, membership affiliations with the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), or via select few pre-qualified technical craft labor network providers with whom we maintain close relations, and stringent prequalification processes.

Much of Dubak Electrical’s success has come from the “Dubak Craft System,” where an employee on a Dubak project tells others about their experience working for Dubak Electrical. The Dubak Craft System was created by means of employing over 300 craft laborers across the nation since 1988. These professionals know the exceptional safety training, tools, material, equipment and supervision to get the job done right. There is nothing a MERIT SHOP Dubak craftsperson likes better than a chance to do a great job. Today, we, at Dubak Electrical, maintain numerous examples of how this works around the country for Dubak Electrical.

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